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SSIS Training (4 Gün)

Ön Koşul

Temel Veritabanı, Veri Ambarı ve ETL konsept bilgisi olması yeterlidir.

Eğitimin Hedefleri

Eğitim sonrasında katılımcıların SSIS ETL aracı ile efektif olarak ETL geliştirmesi yapabilmeleri hedeflenmektedir.

Eğitimin İçeriği

Introduction to Integration Services – 2 Days

  • Defining SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Exploring the need for migrating diverse data
  • The role of Business Intelligence (BI)

SSIS Architecture and Tools

Managing heterogeneous data

  • Leveraging the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities of SSIS
  • Running wizards for basic migrations
  • Creating packages for complex tasks
  • Explore other supported data sources, such as Hadoop and NoSQL

Illustrating SSIS architecture

  • Distinguishing between data flow pipeline and package runtime
  • Executing packages on the client side or hosted in the SSIS service
  • Bulletproofing a package with package environments
  • Package restartability with checkpoint files

Simplifying deployments

  • Distinguishing between project and package deployment modes
  • Deploying packages to the SSISDB
  • Running packages from SQL Server
  • Leveraging package parameters

Implementing Tasks and Containers

Utilizing basic SSIS objects

  • Configuring connection managers
  • Adding data flow tasks to packages
  • Reviewing progress with data viewers
  • Assembling tasks to perform complex data migrations
  • Migrating multiple files with FOREACH container

Operating system-level tasks

  • Copying, moving and deleting files
  • Transferring files with the FTP task
  • Communicating with external sources
  • Sending messages through mail

Processing XML

  • Iterating XML nodes
  • Writing XML files from databases

Extending Capabilities with Scripting

Writing expressions

  • Making properties dynamic with variables
  • Utilizing expressions in loop iterations

Script Task

  • Extending functionality with the Script Task
  • Debugging, breakpoints and watches

Transforming with the Data Flow Task

Performing transforms on columns

  • Converting and calculating columns
  • Transforming with Character Map

Profiling, combining and splitting data

  • Merge, Union and Conditional Split
  • Multicasting and converting data

Manipulating row sets and BLOB data

  • Aggregate, sort, audit and look up data
  • Importing and exporting BLOB data
  • Redirecting error rows

Performing database operations

  • Executing a SQL task
  • Bulk inserting data from text files

Error Handling, Logging and Transactions

Organizing package workflow

  • Defining success, failure, completion and expression precedence constraints
  • Handling events and event bubbling

Designing robust packages

  • Choosing log providers
  • Adapting solutions with package configurations
  • Auditing package execution results
  • Accessing package data with ADO.NET

SSIS Training Advanced – 2 Days

Managing Incremental Loads

  • Truncate Load
  • Delta Load
  • Using T-SQL Merge Statement
  • Managing Slowly Changing Dimension with Merge
  • Using CDC Components

Integration with Azure

  • Installing Azure Components
  • Using Azure Components
  • Uploading Data to Azure from flat file
  • Uploading Data to Azure Databases
  • Deploying project to Azure
  • Using Data Factory for leveraging SSIS Packages


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