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Informatica Level 1

Ön Koşul

Temel Veritabanı, Veri Ambarı ve ETL konsept bilgisi olması yeterlidir.

Eğitimin Hedefleri

Eğitim sonrasında katılımcıların Informatica ETL aracı ile efektif olarak ETL geliştirmesi yapabilmeleri hedeflenmektedir.

Eğitimin İçeriği

1. Power Center: Terminology and Architecture
Explain the purpose of PowerCenter
Define terms used in PowerCenter
Name the major components of PowerCenter

2. Mapping Fundamentals
Create source and target definitions from flat files and relational tables
Create a mapping using existing source and target definitions
Use links to connect ports

3. Workflow Fundamentals
Create a basic workflow and link its tasks
Run a workflow, monitor its execution,and verify the results

4. Expression and Filter Transformations
Use expression transformations to perform calculations on a row-by-row basis
Use filter transformations to drop rows based on user-defined conditions

Demonstration of Techniques
Use a variety of techniques to work more efficiently in PowerCenter

 5. Joining and Merging Data
Use Source Qualifier transformation to implement homogeneous joins
Use Join transformation to implement heterogeneous joins
Use Union transformation to merge records into a single record set

6. Lookup Transformation
Use lookup transformations to bring in additional data related to a row

7. Aggregator and Sorter Transformations
Order a set of records based on one or more fields using the Sorter transformation
Calculate values based on data in a set of records using the Aggregator transformation

8. Using the debugger
Use the Debug wizard and toolbar to debug a mapping

9. Updating Target Tables
Use a router transformation to divide a single set of records into multiple sets of records
Use an update strategy transformation to determine how the target should handle records (insert/update/delete)

10. Mapping Techniques
Set and use variables and parameters
Create and use reusable transformations
Use an unconnected lookup to provide values on an as-needed basis

11. Mapplets
Create mapplets and incorporate them into mappings

12. Controlling Workflows
Set and use workflow variables
Use link conditions and decision tasks to control the execution of a workflow
Use other workflow tasks
Explain the purpose of the pmcmd utility
Correctly use bulk and normal loading
Schedule workflows to run automatically

13. Mapping Design Workshop
Follow best practices for mapping design
Create a mapping based on defined business needs

14. Workflow Design Workshop
Follow best practices for workflow design
Create a workflow based on defined business needs




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